What To Do If You Find Asbestos In Your Home


If you live in a home that was constructed before 1990, you may be living with asbestos. Asbestos was used in many building materials over the last 100 years.

Once hailed as a “miracle material” due to its durability and fire resistance, asbestos was found to cause mesothelioma, a type of lung cancer and is now banned.

To pose a threat asbestos fibers must be loose in the air, so having asbestos in your home in the form of tiles, insulation, or other parts of your home doesn’t pose an immediate threat to your family if it is intact and not worn.

If you need to remodel an area of your house that you suspect contains asbestos, contact a licensed professional contractor. An asbestos abatement contractor can identify if a material contains asbestos and safely remove and dispose of the material. Also, in most parts of the country, disposal of asbestos materials into the normal trash collection is illegal.

You do NOT want to remove the asbestos yourself, even if you are careful, there is too much of a risk of the dangerous asbestos fibers getting into the air. If you are unsure if you have asbestos contact a contractor to have your home tested.

The EPA recommends that if you need to have asbestos removed from your house, you should contact a licensed and trained asbestos removal specialist. They will be able to properly remove and dispose of the asbestos in a safe and legal way.


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