Avoid Basement Flooding This Spring


It seems old man winter was not about to leave without a fight. Now, as spring approaches and the snow melts, basements are at risk for flooding.

Flooded basements can be avoided if proper attention is paid.

  • Fix leaky or blocked pipes and spigots. Cracked pipes and spigots can cause a leak that can cause water to backup into your basement. Clogged pipes can also pose a risk for flood damage. Clear blockages and fix leaks as soon as you spot them.


  • Invest in a sump pump. Even if you live in a home in an area with very little chance of floods, it’s still important to have the protection of a sump pump. You don’t want the time you start considering purchasing one installed to be after your basement has flooded.



  • Redirect or extend your downspouts. If your downspouts are directing water toward your home, they aren’t doing their job. Reposition them so the bottom faces away from your foundation. Extenders are a good way to put more distance from the water and your house.


  • Make sure your land slopes down and away from your home. If you find that water pools around your house during a storm, you might need to regrade your yard. If your yard cannot be properly regraded, a French drain may work just as well.


  • Install basement window covers. These transparent covers can be attached to your foundation and still permit light to enter your basement.



  • Check for cracks. Cracks in the foundation can lead to infiltration flooding of your basement through its walls. So seal any small cracks with heavy-duty caulk; for large cracks, call a foundation repair company.


  • Keep your gutters clean. Make sure that your gutter system is in good working order. Clogged or damaged gutters can cause rainwater or snowmelt to spill over your gutters and onto the ground near your basement.


Even if you take all the necessary precautions, a basement flood can still happen. If you are experiencing flooding in your home or basement call Branch Services (631) 467-6600

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