Ice Dams Can Cause Mold


Ice dams cause water damage, water damage causes mold, mold requires mold remediation. Ice dams form when melting snow on a roof freezes at the edge of a roof. This happens because the underside of the roof in the attic is above 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This warm attic air heats the outside roof surface to the point that snow melts. When roof snow is melted by a warm attic space, the water runs between the snow and warm roof surface. The water freezes and turns to ice when it gets past the exterior wall and hits a cold unheated roof edge or gutter. The ice dam grows as the snow continues to melt, and as water continues to flow down the roof surface. When the water flow hits the ice it creates a larger and larger ice dam. Ice dams can create damage to not only your roof and gutters, they can cause interior damage as well. Water from the melting snow and ice can find their way under shingles and behind exterior walls. In some cases, if the right temperature and humidity exist, mold may begin to grow in the attic. Often paint will peel or blister weeks or months after the ice dam had melted as moisture from the leak in the wall or ceiling cavities tries to leave and pushes outward.


How do you battle an ice damming situation?

Act fast with a special tool called a roof rake—

After a heavy snow use your roof rake to remove at least the first 4 feet of snow from the roofs edge to help prevent damage

Apply calcium chloride or an ice melt to the ice dam—

Be careful if you choose this method as you will most likely need to utilize a ladder which is not recommended in cold and icy conditions.

Professional Ice Dam Removal—

There are professional companies available that are insured and will remove your ice dam using professional equipment such as high pressure steam. This approach may cost a few hundred dollars but the prevention of damage to your home may be significant.

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