Finding a Legitimate Mold Remediation Contractor  


Unlike for other hazardous materials removal, there is no licensing available in New York State for Mold Remediation Contractors. In fact, almost any contractor can say that they are a mold remediation contractor, even if they have not been properly trained to do so at all.

Hiring an inexperienced contractor, ill equipped to handle such a job could cost you thousands of dollars and put your family’s health at risk. There are ways to protect yourself, however, by following these simple mold remediation contractor guidelines given by Branch Services of Long Island, New York.


Best ways to help secure that you are hiring a qualified mold remediation contractor are…

  • Check with the county that you live in (Nassau, Suffolk, etc.) to make sure they have a valid Home Improvement Contractors License. This will help ensure that the contractor is properly insured as well. The home owner should be able to confirm this by going onto their county website.
  • If you live in a township such as Southampton, East Hampton and Shelter Island –  There  is additional licensing that a contractor must obtain to be a legitimate contractor in these particular towns.  Some towns do not require separate licensing but these towns do.
  • Make sure the potential contractor has the proper training through the IICRC.  The IICRC website is  Here you can enter the potential contractors name and do a search to make sure they are a certified firm by the IICRC.


  • The Better Business Bureau is a good way to validate the integrity of a contractor. Too many complaints with the BBB  is a huge red flag.
  • Angie’s List – If the homeowner happens to be a member of Angie’s list, they can always research their contractor through them.  The higher the Angie’s list ratings and reviews the better quality of contractor a homeowner will receive.
  • Meet with a few contractors before making a decision.  Take the time to discuss your concerns and educate yourself on the type of protocol the contractor uses when performing a mold remediation project.

If you suspect your home might have a problem with mold, as with all contractors, it is best to do your homework in order to prevent future headaches..